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 +====== Compartir data usando blockchain ======
 +===== Referentes =====
 +==== Lime Scan ====
 +<WRAP center round tip 60%>
 +The intention is for LimeSCAN to become a public resource for crowdsourced radio spectrum information,​ where anyone is free to operate a probe that uploads data, and to make use of the available data — both via the web interface and an open data API. Which raises a number of questions, including, how can we verify data and be certain that it came from a given source?
 +A popular mechanism for verifying files and data is to create a cryptographic signature or “digest” using a hash function such as SHA256. However, then you need to be sure that the digest you use to validate your data came from a trusted source. One way of doing this in a decentralised manner is to store it on a blockchain, where you can be certain that a given account was responsible for the transaction which recorded that digest, and that it will also be immutable.
 +In this short video we show an Ethereum node running on a pre-production LimeNET Micro v2 board and participating in a private blockchain network. Spectrum power measurements are made using the SDR hardware, the SHA256 digest is computed, and this is then recorded on the blockchain via a simple smart contract. Thereby demonstrating just one possible way of verifying scan data and its source, and serving as a nice demo of the LimeNET Micro integrated compute.
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