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Configuración de dokuwiki con acceso OAuth

  1. Abra Google Developer Console en el navegador y ingrese con las credenciales de su cuenta.
  2. Click Create project… (you may see the page like this http://snag.gy/MZaOh.jpg).
  3. Fill new project form, give some name and project ID (see http://snag.gy/Ipmxr.jpg).
    • :!: Google may ask you to confirm you contact phone with SMS or callback. “Evil Corporation” define their own rules. It's up to you to decide :)
  4. Open menu APIs & authCredentials (see http://snag.gy/ZuLfU.jpg)
  5. Form “Create Client ID” will be opened. Fill it:
    • Application type: (required) choose “Web application”;
    • Authorized JavaScript Origins enter your hostname (make sure http or https is the same for both settings). For example:
    • Authorized Redirect URIs enter these lines:

      Instead of “your-domain” put your actual hostname where DokuWiki is installed. :!: Note: if your DokuWiki is accesed with HTTPS then enter the URI with https, not http.

  6. Click “Create client ID” button.
  7. Now you have page with all required information for plugin setup. You will need two values from here: Client ID and Client secret.
  8. Open menu APIs & authConsent screen.
  9. Validar dominio
  10. Fill “PRODUCT NAME” and e-mail address as well, or you can get this error http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18677244/error-invalid-client-no-application-name.


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